Orchard Willow Basket - Jo HammondOrchard Willow Basket - Jo Hammond

The Merchant's Table

Orchard Willow Basket - Jo Hammond

Trinket Dishes - Matilda MoretonTrinket Dishes - Matilda Moreton

The Merchant's Table

Trinket Dishes - Matilda Moreton

Berry Drainage Bowl - Eleanor TorbatiBerry Drainage Bowl - Eleanor Torbati

The Merchant's Table

Berry Drainage Bowl - Eleanor Torbati

Extra Large Dust Brush - Ewen BrownExtra Large Dust Brush - Ewen Brown

The Merchant's Table

Extra Large Dust Brush - Ewen Brown

From £45
Fluted Trinket Dishes - Nicola EastonFluted Trinket Dishes - Nicola Easton

The Merchant's Table

Fluted Trinket Dishes - Nicola Easton

From £29
Hand-Blown Glasses - Emsie SharpHand-Blown Glasses - Emsie Sharp

Emsie Sharp

Hand-Blown Glasses - Emsie Sharp

From £48
Pure British Beeswax CandlesPure British Beeswax Candles

The Merchants Table

Pure British Beeswax Candles

From £2.50
Varx Cushion - Bonfield Block-PrintersVarx Cushion - Bonfield Block-Printers
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Bonfield Block-Printers

Varx Cushion - Bonfield Block-Printers


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